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Committed to research and development, the pursuit of excellence

The reason why SMZG is in a leading position in the building materials industry is mainly due to the company's investment in research and development! SMZG's  belief is: the pursuit of true excellence, continuous transcenden and not just the mentality of building codes. Advanced research and development helps to identify and develop new building product technologies and successfully transform into application areas to bring real value to our customers!

As a leader in the building materials industry, SMZG has always been committed to building green and environmentally friendly buildings to provide customers with the best sustainable technologies, products and services, and has thus won various environmental awards in the world。 This is the best proof of SMZG's practical efforts in the field of environmental protection。 It also proves that SMZG can reduce the impact of buildings on the environment through optimized architectural design, construction and use。 SMZG has always been known for its green products and services。 From China to the world, our corporate culture of quality and process innovation is deeply rooted in every practice of environmental innovation。

SMZG pays attention to environmental protection

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